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Winter 2015/2016Enterprise Tech Journal If I Have a DB2 Analytics Accelerator, Do I Still Need zIIPs?
December 2015IBM Systems Magazine: Mainframe Edition Putting Accelerator-Only Tables to Use (AoT Part 2)
September 2015IBM Systems Magazine: Mainframe Edition Accelerator-Only Tables Enhance Speed on IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (AoT Part 1)
October 2014IBM Systems Magazine: Mainframe Edition Statistics Feedback in DB2 11 for z/OS
September 2014IBM Systems Magazine: Mainframe Edition zEDC Helps Compress System Management Facility Data
August 2014IBM Systems Magazine: Mainframe Edition Achieve Significant Compression With zEDC
June 2014IBM Redbooks Solution Guide Reliability and Performance with IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator Version 4.1
March/April 2014Enterprise Tech Journal A Distributed Terminology Refresher on DB2 DDF Subsystem Parameter Settings
November 2012Enterprise Tech Journal Planning Your Upgrade to DB2 10 for z/OS
Winter 2011z/Journal Magazine Taking Business Analytics to New Levels: IBM’s DB2 Analytics Accelerator
June/July 2011z/Journal Magazine A First Look: DB2 10 DSNZPARM Changes
February/March 2011z/Journal Magazine DB2 10 for z/OS: The Most Secure DB2 Yet (Cover Article)
November 2010z/Journal Magazine The DB2 Catalog Gets a Makeover
September 2010IBM Systems Magazine: Mainframe Edition Remodeling The Data Warehouse
August/September 2010z/Journal Magazine DB2 for z/OS Parallelism
June/July 2010z/Journal Magazine Top-10 Features of DB2 10 for z/OS: A Preview
April/May 2010z/Journal Magazine The Magic of Keeping DB2 in Order
November/December 2009IBM Systems Magazine: Mainframe Edition Managing BI with IBM Workload Manager (One of four authors)
August 2009z/OS HOT TOPICS Newsletter - Issue 21 Oh, the places you’ll go: Mainframe communities go social (co-authored)
April/May 2009z/Journal Magazine How DB2 9 for z/OS Can Improve a Data Warehouse’s Performance
October/November 2008z/Journal Magazine The Magic of DB2’s Prefetch
August/September 2008z/Journal Magazine Want to Know What DB2 Is Doing? Take a Closer Look at DB2's TRACE
June/July 2008z/Journal Magazine Data Warehousing with DB2 for z/OS... Again
February/March 2008z/Journal Magazine The Big Deal About Making Things Smaller: DB2 Compression
September, 2007IBM White Paper DB2 for z/OS Version 8: Upgrade Planning - What We’ve Learned
August/September 2007z/Journal Magazine Structure and Format Enhancements in DB2 9 for z/OS
June/July 2007z/Journal Magazine Myth-Busting: DB2 Version 8 CPU Regression
February/March 2007z/Journal Magazine The DB2 for z/OS Catalog and Directory: Is There Any Data More Important?
August/September 2006z/Journal Magazine zIIPing Along
June/July 2006z/Journal Magazine DB2 Packages: A Deeper Look
February/March 2006z/Journal Magazine Getting Re-Acquainted With DB2 Packages
Quarter 1, 2006DB2 Magazine Fetching New Features
August/September 2005z/Journal Magazine Just the Good This Time: More DSNZPARM
April/May, 2005z/Journal Magazine The Good, the Bad, and the Really Ugly: DSNZPARM
Fall, 2004IBM eSupport The Impact of the DB2 Installation Parameter CONTSTOR=YES
Spring, 2002DB2 Magazine Cursors: Foiled No More
Spring, 2001IDUG Solutions Journal A Challenging History: From Tortise to Hare
Winter, 2000IDUG Solutions Journal Are You Certifiable? "DB2 Certification"
Summer, 2000IDUG Solutions Journal Upgrading Your Attachments
Spring, 2000IDUG Solutions Journal You Said What?
Febuary, 2000DB2 Magazine The Trigger Effect
November, 1999IDUG Solutions Journal Can Your Dog Fetch a Mouse?
November, 1999IDUG Solutions Journal e-People
October, 1998IDUG Solutions Journal Trends through the 21st Century
August, 1998IDUG Solutions Journal Java, JDBC, and SQL: Are they ready for prime time?
August, 1998IDUG Solutions Journal Book Review of "A Complete Guide to DB2 Universal Database by Don Chamberlin"
March, 1998IDUG Solutions Journal Data Warehouse Administration: The Challenges Never Stop
1997BMC TechNews Sysplex Query Parallelism
May, 1997IDUG Solutions Journal Unlocking the Page in DB2
November, 1996IDUG Solutions Journal A First Look at DB2 for MVS Version 5
June, 1996IBM's DB2 Family News Using Type 2 Indexes in DB2 for MVS/ESA Version 4
April, 1996BMC TechNews So Your Still Not Using Packages! Why?
January, 1996BMC TechNews Stored Procedures, Now Appearing at Your Local DB2 (Part 2 of 2)
January, 1996Disaster Recovery Journal The Impact of DB2 Version 4 on Recovery
October, 1995 BMC TechNews Stored Procedures, Now Appearing at Your Local DB2 (Part 1 of 2)
November, 1994 Relational Database Journal The Impact of DB2 Version 3 On Recovery Processing
September, 1994 Enterprise System Journal Avoiding Locks in DB2® Version 3
February, 1994 Enterprise System Journal Buffer Pools in DB2 Version 3

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